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This Wiki already attracted at least 1 DISINFO-Agent!! (after being up only a few weeks) Make sure you don't believe the lies they spread! Stay up to date concerning disinfo agents

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  • More Resources on the Mandela-Effect
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Mandela Effects sorted by Category - Overview

2016/04/14 14:17 · admin
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Welcome on the Mandela-Effect Wiki!

Short Introduction

At the moment there are a lot of Mandela-Effects in the notebook, which are not yet sorted, so please just take a look at the Notebook for now

PLEASE - i urge you, if you have some time to spare, register here in the wiki and help putting together the content concerning the Mandela-Effect that can be found on the internet, on reddit and on youtube. We need the help of many people, because those Mandela-Effects of course can only be validated for sure as such if a lot of people can testify that those things have changed in the past and are no longer the same.

Join our Forum, so that your information doesn't disappears in the flood of information in regards to the Mandela-Effect. There you can also create polls and ask people whether they also remember a certain thing the way you remember it.

Watch the following embedded video before it gets deleted (you may want to download it via (you may want to watch the first version of it if you have enough spare time:

Synonyms for the Mandela-Effect

  • A Country Effect
  • A Warping in the Space-Time Continuum
  • A-portation
  • Alternate Memories
  • Alternate Realities
  • Anti-Gravity Time Travel
  • CERN Project
  • Cyber Universe
  • Daniel 7:25 - Changing of Time and Laws
  • D-Wave Quantum Computer
  • Fake Memories
  • Glitch in the Matrix
  • Hijacked Timeline
  • Inconsistencies in the Time Stream
  • Interdimensional Travel
  • Man From Taured / Man Without
  • Many-Universes Interpretation
  • Many-Worlds
  • Many-Worlds-Interpretation
  • Matrix Computer Simulation
  • Matrix Glitch
  • Mind Control
  • Mirror Mirror On The Wall Phenomenon
  • Parallel Universe
  • Plasma Reality
  • Predictive Programming
  • Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Jumping
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Quantum Pollution
  • Reality Branching
  • Reality Jumping
  • Reality Leak
  • Reality Overlap
  • Reality Shift
  • Reality Vortex
  • Relative State Formulation
  • Shifting Time Streams
  • Teleportation
  • The Effect
  • The Akashic Records
  • The Astral Plane
  • The Beast-System spoken of in Revelation 13
  • The Berenstein Bears Theory
  • The Directory of Possibilities
  • The Everett Interpretation
  • The Great Deception spoken of in 2. Thessalonians 2 and Matthew 24
  • The Mandela Effect
  • The Theory of the Universal Wavefunction
  • The World Between Worlds
  • Time Slips
  • Time Travel
  • Timeline Hiccups
  • Unresolved Mystery
  • Wormhole
2016/04/09 09:48 · admin

Mandela Effects sorted by Category - Overview

2016/04/14 14:17 · admin


  • Note: Please keep the Overview-pages mostly restricted to only links and short descriptions - you may always use a short title, which is linked to a new wiki-page
  • AND please keep the information in alphabetical order (if possible)
  • To add pages to the wiki and/or edit pages just register and then you can do so.
  • You might also want to go through the todo-list to see where something still needs work
  • In case you want to add images, the easiest and fastest way is to add them to and then embed the direct picture-link here inside double curly brackets.
  • If you just want to quickly add information to the wiki but don't have time to format it correctly and put it into the correct place, please just leave the info (with sources and links if you have such) in the Notebook-Article.

More Ressources on the Mandela-Effect

Website Information available (related to by Fiona Broome. This is the original Mandela Effect website. alternate memories, alternate history, and changed geography. Based on Fiona Broome's research and website, Official FB page. – This Facebook page is for people who remember a different history than what seems to be part of this timestream. We've ruled out confusion, faulty memories, and erroneous media reports, teachers, & textbooks. Share your “alternate” (but real) memories of historical events (like Nelson Mandela's death in prison, or a Henry VIII portrait showing him dining), and about locations (like New Zealand and Sri Lanka) that don't match our current reality. and discuss your Mandela-Effects realisations here reality-breaking experiences
http://reaperishere.weebly.comrelated page (is referenced here: Above Top Secret forum thread where a poster from Spain claimed to be part of something larger than our universe & explained what the Mandela Effect was where he was claiming to be one of the programmers of this reality and the mandela effects were related to some kind of reboot. – A forum where people started to ask questions about The Mandela Effect and a person from Spain ( they didn't have a user name but a series of numbers [contact B89X4-00111; User ID: 68652447; Spain]) claimed that various MEs came from an error (in our program) What was crazy was that the answers this user gave were not only well written but they were almost simultaneous with people posting in the forum. info on the available technology and time-travel (info from a Navy-Seal)
2016/04/09 09:46 · admin


jon, 2016/04/02 05:21

On about March 21, 2016 I watch a video dated March 7, 2016 about the lords prayer with in instead of on earth. I read the whole the and I believe somebody stated that the lords prayer has debtor instead of trespasses. I checked online and some versions did have trespasses and my bible I had at home had trespasses, but not the king james versions online or at home. Then March 28, 2016 I checked again online and at home then no versions of the bible had trespasses in the lords prayer at all, but now it states something about trespasses directly after the lords prayer. March 30, 2016 I was making a video and I cut and pasted quote 1 Corinthians 15:51-52 kjv and it stated “I sheu you a mystery”. It was so obvious that it was wrong, but then within an hour, i check it again online and on my video and now it stated and still states, “I shew you a mystery.” I am positive its all CERN. here is a link to my video

gesundelehre, 2016/04/02 13:46

As I myself am not an english native speaker and didn't grow up with the KJV - could you maybe tell me, were those things mentioned concerning “trespasses” right after Matthew 6:10 already in your Bible in your past memory? or are those new?

gesundelehre, 2016/04/02 13:51

btw. as you mention in your video Wikipedia erased the article on the Mandela-Effect (here is a copied-Vesion of the article back August 13th 2015 - in December 28th 2015 they already redirected the page to Confabulation (see here:

At the bottom of the “Talk” page for “Confabulation” is someone expressing their issues with the ME page being removed (as of 3. April 2016

BTW. Wikipedia is STRONGLYY / VERY HEAVILY being censored… sorry, that i only have the video in german…

Correction/Fix: Please consult the comment by jon from “2016/04/11 23:24” - it seems the information posted in this comment here is not correct, because the waybackmachine has been tampered with.

jon, 2016/04/10 22:56

this is to gesundelehre, you are a liar, the waybackmachine, youtube, google, wikipedia are are frauds. And it appears it has to do with you, your german and other European buddies at CERN.

admin, 2016/04/10 23:47

well, i'm (gesundelehre) the admin of this page - and i know that wikipedia censors strongly and that the waybackmachine somehow also changed things (thanks to your video i know that) and that google manipulated data on the page (thanks to your video i know that) - yet i really don't know why you accuse me of being a liar, because i also fight for the truth. Please show me where you think i lied, that i might change the statement in case a statement of mine somehow is or was wrong and not true. I certainly have never intended to write something untrue about the mandela-effect things, so please i urge you, tell me why you accuse me of being a liar. Thank you a lot in advance, Greetings

(and btw. i don't have any affiliations with CERN - please put John7:24 into practice, PLEASE)

jon, 2016/04/11 23:24

This is me who called you a liar gesundelehre. IF your putting links from the waybackmachine claiming wikipedia took it down or redirected it in August or December 2015, you should take it down. On March 22, 2016 wikipedia took the manela effect down and redirected it to confabulation. I have been watching this thing for the past couple months. Then reddit started putting fake entries on April 3, 2016 that wikipedia took it down in August 2015. And now you are putting the wayback machine as proof only makes it appear that this is true. It is not. you should take that waybackmachine piece of evidence off. The wayback machine is being manipulated. All dates, on all forums related to any of these affects are being manipulate. It all began September 23, 2015.

admin, 2016/04/13 02:50

Well, i really want to thank you then. I wasn't lying - i only based my case on what i've found on the waybackmachine. If they manipulated data, that's something really new/strange to me - but yes, of course they can do that.

So then this Mandela-Effect is so new, that nobody was talking about it before September 23rd 2015? Does that mean that all entries on the internet that i'd find which have a date before that somehow are fake? (what about the conversation with the spanish programmer? - is this then fake as well?) Please help me to understand this, because i just found out about 10 days ago or so - it's also totally new for me as well.

Could you also maybe tell, are there disinformants or gatekeepers around that also want to muddy the water and try to hinder people from finding out about this? Also, what do you think is the reason behind the Mandela-Effect? Why do they do such a thing which results in the Mandela-Effect? And do you think that the ME is an intentional product or a unintentional waste-result of an other thing they did?

Thanks a lot for you help. I really appreciate that you want to clarify things.

jon, 2016/04/15 11:53

If you watch the video above it explains everything. Also go to YOu ask if everything else about dates is a lie?, it doesn't matter. The culprit is CERN. Don't get into it like these other truthers who talk about 911 and planes vs no planes bs, the US was involved period. Or with this mandela effect, did chevy emblem look like ford bs. Its all smoke in mirrors to muddle the waters of the question……Why? the answer: it is really for your souls and the elite/satan and his demons/aliens/whatever, know they have very,very,very little time left. What people believe and what is true are two different things. The stone which the builders(masons) rejected Has become the chief corner stone.

Joshua, 2016/04/22 10:31

Reality Residue. You're not crazy nor are you misremembering

Rued, 2016/07/17 22:40

Hallo,thank you for this wiki page.and all the Christians who share there heart about the truth,the word of God is written in your heart for those who know. The God of Abraham Mozes Isaac and Jacob is not the god of confusion,but it doesnt mean He use Satan for the good of mankind. you know in your heart what time we all living in you dont need evidence just look into the world of the devil.Remember he said: I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. Matthew 10:16

Matthew 25:1

1 Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom. 2 And five of them were wise, and five were foolish. 3 They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them: 4 But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. 5 While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept. 6 And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. 7 Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps. 8 And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out. 9 But the wise answered, saying, Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves. 10 And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut.

Amos 8:11

Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:

( this is conversation between Jesus and Barabbas seen in the movie Jesus of Nazareth, here a link» « )

Barabbas: ‘Master, I am Barabbas, a Zealot. Before he was murdered Amos sent word to us, he said to trust you. My brothers are ready, and some of them are temple guards. Our day of revenge against the Romans has come. Every day their grip becomes tighter. Our people have grown used to oppression, but with you to lead them, and with our swords behind you, they will rise up – we can teach them to fight. Some of the priests and Sadducees have said “Obey the laws of Caesar”, but they do not speak for the Jewish people. Tell us what to do. Whatever you say, we’ll follow you’.

Jesus: ‘Then love your enemies, and forgive those who use and persecute you. The day of forgiveness is at hand’.

Barabbas: ‘Forgive Herod? Forgive the Romans?’

Jesus: ‘Forgive them all’.

Barabbas: ‘But – the Romans have butchered hundreds of innocent people – old people, young people – lives ended without mercy, without trial! Surely you can’t mean to forgive that, Master? We must meet the sword with the sword!’

Jesus: ‘All who take up the sword will perish by the sword!’

Barabbas: ‘But we must end the voice of weeping in Israel!’

Jesus: ‘Barabbas! Your zeal blinds you to the truth! The new Jerusalem will not be built by murder and uprising. The wisdom of God will fill the land as water fills the sea. The lion will lie down with the lamb; there’ll be no more killing or destroying. And the voice of weeping shall be heard no more’.

Barabbas: ‘But – while we wait for that day to come, our people live in mourning and lamentation’. (he gets up to go).

Jesus: ‘Barabbas – do you wish to follow me? I have come to take on my shoulders the sins of the world. He who would follow me must do the same’.

Barabbas: ‘Oh no!’

Truth Seeking Warrior, 2016/07/24 07:10

Hi, I'm new here and would like to way in: The Great Deception IS HERE and NOW!

 If you would pay close attn. to the new movies that have recently been released, aside from all of the other apparent misinformation you could plainly see. We are being FORCED to accept the ways of the "New Guy"...The Avengers, X-men, Angry Birds, Captain America, BFG, The secret life of Pets (including the opening minion movie), Finding Dory, etc. 
The Bible has changed and as a Very Spiritual and GOD fearing believer, I am compelled to share with you all the easy to spot signs.
Now, I'm just a "regular Joe" with a keen eye for detail...I'm in the Culinary Arts field so details are very important..some might say that I'm pedantic but, hey that's a quality of a good Chef, I think!
 I don't know why Hollywood is blatantly showing those who can see with OPEN EYES the things that are occurring and more that will occur in the very near Future!

I download movies and watch them for their entertainment value but, it's getting so hard to not spot the obvious!

I have to decided to make a video showing alot of the obvious esoteric things.

Since I have done video editing in the past and am extremely detail oriented/ pedantic, this video will undoubtedly cause naysayers or haters but, the evidence cannot be refuted!

 I am a Bible believing Christian and want to help GOD's people (meaning ALL people) come back to Yeshua (salvation)

I don't have a web site nor, do I intend to make one and I don't have a Youtube channel nor, do I intend to ask for one.

However, I am fully aware that when things are posted containing scripture, the original scripture, that the google computer (The quantum computing beast) attacks and alters it to discredit those who post it so, I will refrain from using any.

But, I do LOVE The Most High, and believed in the Bible, and still continue to do the work he asks of us. I'm not sure how I will be able to post this vid but, I'm certain He will provide a solution! I found a deliverance website just yesterday that is very important to believers and non-believers alike…If you believe in your heart and want the help…these WILL HELP…all you have to do is “READ THEM ALOUD” and you will definitely feel a supernatural healing taking place in your mind, heart, and body….you will PHYSICALLY FEEL THESE WORDS BEGIN TO WORK in you..and I'm not speaking as an TV evangelist and asking you to touch the TV or anything as moronic as that..I'm passing on knowledge that was shown to me by The Father. Prayers are with you all…lets knock down the enemy's stronghold on this world and cleanse it and STRENGTHEN The Heavenly Fathers' army by bringing many back to the right side of FAITH! AMEN

Sylwiazp, 2016/08/27 03:58

sprawdź układanie kostki granitowej cena

osufixo, 2016/08/27 23:16

projektowanie wnętrz warszawa

inerexe, 2016/09/03 14:43

strona tematyczna remontach remont mieszkania warszawa

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